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mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

Night Owl Paper Goods prize

Are you ready of a daily dose of underexposed pictures? :D

The Night Owls Paper Goods package has arrived from Birmingham, in the beautiful.. Owlabama! :D

I loved that detail! Look at the pretty tape, isn't it funny? :D

And did you ever seen bigger bobbles in an envelope?!

What a great stress reliever! :D

Sooo, here's an amazing overview of the gift box content :)

A lovely 2011 wood calendar card, a canvas bag with their owl-alisious logo, a discount coupon and the notebook i choose for the giveaway ^___^

I'm so sorry i'm an a$$ in taking photos 'cause this lovely items really deserve better pics!

A huge "thanks" to Rita's Reviews and to the lovely guys from Night Owl Paper Goods again for the yuuummy opportunity of winning it!

3 commenti:

gustosa giveaways on 24 novembre 2010 23:59 ha detto...

congrats on winning those lovely items.

Lyisia on 25 novembre 2010 09:12 ha detto...

invidiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XDDD

Anna on 25 novembre 2010 11:03 ha detto...

@gustosa: you deserve a huge THANK YOU too :) thanks for sponsoring such a yummy giveaways! hugs :*

@Lu: ^_____^

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