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mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

Night Owl Paper Goods prize

Are you ready of a daily dose of underexposed pictures? :D

The Night Owls Paper Goods package has arrived from Birmingham, in the beautiful.. Owlabama! :D

I loved that detail! Look at the pretty tape, isn't it funny? :D

And did you ever seen bigger bobbles in an envelope?!

What a great stress reliever! :D

Sooo, here's an amazing overview of the gift box content :)

A lovely 2011 wood calendar card, a canvas bag with their owl-alisious logo, a discount coupon and the notebook i choose for the giveaway ^___^

I'm so sorry i'm an a$$ in taking photos 'cause this lovely items really deserve better pics!

A huge "thanks" to Rita's Reviews and to the lovely guys from Night Owl Paper Goods again for the yuuummy opportunity of winning it!

mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

Il piccolo Paul

Nome scontatissimo, lo so... ma non gli si addice almeno un pochino?! :D

Here we go! This is Paul the sailor octopus, my newest amigurumi friend :)

L'ho ultimato ieri sera, dopo una mezza odissea per recuperare i safety eyes dall'america: bloccati per un mese in dogana a Linate per... accertamenti sanitari (?!) @___@

Sebbene il mio occhio super critico riesca a notare ancora un sacco di imperfezioni, è riuscito comunque a conquistarmi :) E' morbidoso, piuttosto grandino per i miei standard - sui 20 cm - e per la prima volta ho usato un misto lana-cotone al posto del solito cablè :)

I had tons of issues with the safety eyes order this time :(
The customs inspectors misunderstood the content of the package and blocked it at the border for a whole month *__* They just tought "craft eyes" were some sort of cosmetics because of the eye word -__-"
But now, after a long wait, li'l Paul's finished over my printer: he's pretty big - 20 cm - and super softy since i used a blend of merino wool and cotton instead of the usual cablè cotton yarn ^__^

In questa foto il berretto da marinaio si è trasformato in un cappellino da baseball, dandogli un'aria più sbarazzina :)

In this pic i played with his sailor hat, transforming it in a baseball one :) Luv him so much! :D

Here it is during the work in progress :) I'm such a proud mommy :D